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Dropping Loads Episode 87: Dropping Pure BS – The Brodown Part 1

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In this episode, the boys are joined by Fred Dorst, BigBigDickSteve, and Devon from Pure BS Podcast and the BS Podcast Network to do battle in an epic crossover special. Find out who will triumph over the other with their knowledge of immature subjects.

It is here! We’ve been planning this for ages and it finally came to fruition. I anticipated barely hitting two hours for both of our shows, but we ended up recording for over 3 fucking hours. But it was a ton of fun from start to finish I hope you enjoy it. Intro/outro: Joe Esposito – You’re the Best.

If you liked it, be sure to check out Part 2 over at:


Dropping Pure BS – The Brodown Part 1

The team of Milky and SPJ will be pitted against their Big Bros of PBS, Steven and Ben. The guys will be playing a number of games. At the end of each game, the winning team will be awarded a number of points. At the end of the podcast, the team with the most games won/most number of points will be crowned the winner. Playing on the honor system since we cannot view the activities of our guests. No Googling! Play along with us.

The Brodown:

Each team will be presented with a fact about a member of the opposing team. The team must guess exactly to which member of the opposing team that fact applies. The team with the most correct responses will take the round and receive two points.


1) When I first started college, I wanted to be a philosophy major.

2) I broke my leg playing Frisbee once.

3) After a date one night, I jerked off while driving home.

4) I was once caught drawing naked ladies in MS Paint

5) Once when I got drunk, I wandered off from the party, and passed out in an empty field, where I slept all night.

6) I’ve never had anything up my butt.

7) I was once homeless

8) My elementary school basketball team won the city championship

9) I once had sex in a trailer of a girl’s drive way, because her child was asleep in her bedroom

10) One time, I played videos games and made syrupy sugar water all night long.


1) I was shot in the leg once.

2) I love the movie Zoolander.

3) I’ve witnessed a hooker give a homeless man a blowjob

4) In my country, people believe werewolves exist.

5) I’ve never seen any Star Trek movies that isn’t the remakes

6) I funded my college education with Street Fighter

7) I’ve had sex at a comic book convention.

8) My brother’s rapper name is Kush James

9) One of my best friends puked on my arm once.

10) Like OT Genesis, I took am in love with the coco… coconut ice pie.


Price is Milky (Pictures are available here):

A sex toy will be presented with description and picture. The teams will deliberate on a price for the sex toy. The team who is closest to the actual price will receive a point. The team with the most points will take the game and receive two points.

1) Artificial Hymen Repair Kit – An artificial hymen repair kit also known as artificial virginity is a type of prosthetic membrane created for the purpose of simulating an intact human hymen.lo Restore your virginity in five minutes with this new technologically advanced product. Kiss your deep dark secret goodbye and marry in confidence … no surgery … no needles … no medication … no side effects …

2) Kali’s Teeth Chastity Device – This chastity device can serve a couple of purposes depending upon how much discipline you want to inflict. You can use this as a very effective chastity device. Place it around the shaft of his penis, then when he gets an erection the points will dig into his most sensitive flesh. Ring has four rows of stainless steel teeth. Each tooth protrudes 1/4″ from the steel.

3) My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Lipstick – a chic and discreet super-powered, multifunction mini vibrator disguised as lipstick with a soft sensation-focusing “flex tip.” Add stylish stimulation to your cosmetic bag with your new favorite accessory, and get a freshly flushed face that could only come from The Screaming O®. Keeping a secret never felt so good.

4) The Wake-up Vibe is an innovate new design in vibrators. Combining an alarm clock with a vibrator, the Wake-up Vibe lets you choose your favorite way to wake up. Simply program the clock, choosing one of six different vibrating patterns, place the vibe in your panties, and wake up to great vibrations. It is designed to be exceptionally thin and comfortable, and will stay in place throughout the night. Completely covered in only the highest quality silicone, it is hygienic and hypoallergenic. The Wake-up Vibe comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and different types of plugs for use around the world.

5) Dildo chess set – a chess set with pieces that double as vibrators, 32 in all, from round-tipped pawns to knights shaped like anal beads. Like any decent vibrator, they’re made of medical-grade silicone and ABS. Unlike any old vibrator, they’ve also got gold-plate detailing and could cause you to have inappropriate thoughts of Bobby Fischer. Produced for the chichi erotic shop Kiki de Montparnasse, the sets are being trotted out in late November, early December.

6) Lovely Cartoon Female Sex Toy G-spot Vibrator Massager – Interesting and novelty design, also can be an ornament. Satisfy you deeper! Reach to your sensitive point! Take off his/her hat, let you enjoy the vibrating passion. 1. Star doll, 2. Firemen, 3. Policewoman, 4. Japanese girl, 5. Chef, 6. Clown

7) The Claw – sexy metal scratcher that fits comfortably on the finger and provides sensual scratching that can range from light and playful tickle, to intense scratching torture. This finger extension, scratching toy is a very attractive accessory that can easily be incorporated into role-play and interrogation and dominance games. It is also great for teasing and tickle torture and spicing up massage.

8) Auto-Suck – A masturbation device powered by your car’s cigarette lighter. Gentlemen, start your engines. You have a new travel companion called the Auto Suck. It will keep you awake, it will keep you entertained, and it won’t talk your ear off. If roadside assistance is what you need, help has arrived. Why stop at the next service plaza when you can be serviced right in the comfort of your vehicle? This little contraption looks like a small car vac with a plastic elbow supporting a pair of lips ample enough to take in your…uh…stick. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or power supply and you are ready to get low jacked.

9) The Hot Doll – Dogs have sexual needs or domination problems, which push them to climb on various object such as cushions, teddy bear, and worst case on legs of you neighbors, guest, postman or your own. Hot Doll is designed to control this problem. Designed for dog need’s, it’s easy to teach them to use it like you taught them to go outside for their dejections. It is the first sex toy for dogs in the world. Hot Doll was designed by French design agency Feel Addicted. Stability, strength, ergonomics, Hot Doll is specially designed for the utmost comfort of your pet. Legs “no slide system” are designed for extreme grip.

The Informal Debate

Part 2 (On Pure BS Podcast feed)

Shooting Blanks
Each team will be presented with a porn title with one crucial word missing. The team will then be presented with multiple choice answers to fill-in-the-blank. The team with the most correct responses will take the round and receive one point.
1) Blow Me ________
a) Cunt
b) Gaggers
c) Sandwich
d) Up

2) Glad He _____ Her
a) Fucked
b) Fingered
c) Helped
d) Ate

3) Naughty ______ Moms #2
a) Voluptuous
b) Bearded
c) Shaved
d) Fucked

4) ______ Fifth Avenue
a) Fuck
b) Swallow
c) Sex
d) Horny

5) Anal _______
a) Exchange
b) Plungers
c) Explorers
d) Fuckers

6) _______ Pussy
a) Wet
b) Fucked
c) Kung Fu
d) Ice

7) Lick Her ______ Off My Dick
a) Leaves
b) Ass
c) Wasabi
d) Tits

8) Ying Yang Oriental _____ Bang
a) Moist
b) Love
c) Pussy
d) Beautiful

9) Anal Sexual _______
a) Sauce
b) Silence
c) Surf
d) Slinky

10) The Enema _____ Strikes Again
a) Knight
b) Bandit
c) Ninja
d) Freak


Each team will be presented with a statement. The team must determine if the statement is from Twitter or is a line from a movie. The team with the most points will take the game and receive one point.

1) The Head Of The Sphinx Will Fall Off In The Near Future.

2) Feeling powerless? Don’t worry. The real slaves are the ones who own us

3) Not into space. Into the space between spaces.

4) I Just Like Showing Pretty Girls A Good Time Weather I’m Physically There Or Not Doesn’t Matter.

5) Comets are faster than anything we could ever build and have their own power solving are two problems

6) I never discuss love on an empty stomach.

7) Nothing Better Than Someone That Loves You For Your Extremely Odd Self

8) Dancing’s just a conversation between two people.

9) I was driving last night on a lonely dark road and met this alien or maybe a really ugly girl and it gave me the lottery numbers Tweet: Jose Canseco

10) I used to spend a lot of time burning with anxiety. That happens when you imagine that you’re less than infinite.

Tie Breaker) Relationships Are Messed Up But Your Face Isn’t.

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