Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 81: I Get to Dis Pimpin’ When Dis Pimpin’ is Ready

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In this episode, SPJ returns and shares his dream of being a voice model and new voice of Siri. Milky wants to help SPJ achieve his dream. SPJ continues preaching the pimp by reviewing the Citizen Kane of pimp movies, Boss’n Up in the newest Semi-Plot.

I know it seems we don’t have a plan… because we really don’t. We have ONE very cool thing coming up, but otherwise, we plan this shit on a weekly basis and it eventually comes together last minute. This is from a group of guys who wrote and produced an entire sketch in about 24 hours. Intro/outro: Drake – Started from the Bottom

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Rewarded with Obituary Stating Batman killed Him
Florida Woman Shits Her Pants, God Almighty
Florida Man Documentary Exists
Amateur Action Star Sits on Toilet, Bathroom Explodes
Pretentious Art Teacher Changes Name to Alphabet

Shit We Mentioned

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