Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 75: Hype Train Don’t Stop

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In this episode, the boys conclude the reboot presequel trilogy of the SPJ epic. SP Jon pitches a new lucrative property known as Wallman, leaving Pouch and Milky in utter confusion. On a new edition of Semi-Plot, SP Jon reviews Jack Reacharound.

Pouch here. I never expected I’d get that much backlash from my fuck-up. I’ve made mistakes before and I’ve went back and fact-checked to make sure that I was correct. Most times I am, but people make mistakes. We’ve never been called out on fucking up before, so this was a new experience. SP J made sure to close out this trilogy with bang with the creation of Wallman. Listen up, as with the last episode, I had a momentary lapse of testosterone and began giggling like a little girl. Intro/outro – Quad City DJ’s – C’Mon N’ Ride It (The Train)

Get a Load of This

Florida College Hires Hot Chicks and Strippers to Trick Idiots to Enroll
Wallman is Born in a Yardhouse Restaurant
Hypnotist Ninja Thief

Shit We Mentioned

Star Wars: Force Awakens teaser trailer

Stephen Colbert Lightsaber theory

Terminator: Genisys trailer

Jurassic World trailer
















Jean Reno































JJ Abrams














Vanilla Ice and the TMNT































Simon Pegg in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol 


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