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Dropping Loads Episode 71: I Prefer Lemons – Halloween Special

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In this episode, the DLP boys celebrate Halloween once again. Pouch asks his fellow podcasters to delve into their fears. Milky attempts to find the kink in every story, while Paco brings some reality-based Tacos to send shivers down your spine.

Looks like our Halloween special is going to be an annual thing. Although I don’t find this episode quite as chilling as the previous special, I can say that it is definitely entertaining. With Paco back in the chair, we made sure her welcome back was festive. This episode was pretty difficult to put together, with stories from our fellow podcasters getting to me at the very last minute…. and the fact that it wasn’t as creepy this time around. Hope you enjoy and an early Happy Halloween to you. Intro/outro: Pearl Jam – Dirty Frank. Thunder clap sound effects: Pablo Perez.

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