Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 69: Passion of Potassium

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In this episode, Pouch and Milky break the emergency glass and bring back SP Jon to go full auto on the news. The boys answer the one and only question received from their one and only fan for #askdlp. SP Jon lectures the boys on crimes of potassium passion and Kush the Cat.

This episode was a bit of a departure from our regular episode format. Not only is it one of our shortest, but we actually had a bit of focus despite their attempts to go off on a tangent. It may or may not be the same after this episode. In our first rousing round of #askdlp, we answer a question from the wonderful Henno. The question elicits such profound and philosophical musings from us and we can’t seem to stray away. Either way, enjoy this fun episode in which Jon once again takes over the podcast. Intro/Outro: Garibaldi – Banana

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Get a Load of This

Cherries Waffles Tennis Visits Jupiter because it’s Poppin’
Kush the Cat Goes Apeshit
Florida Woman Jerks off on Motorcycle
In a Crime of Potassium Passion, Connecticut Man Breaks into Gas Station to Eat Banana
Guy Cums onto Desk and Coffee to Get Co-worker’s Attention

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3 Responses

  1. Miranda Rae says:

    Who’s the pitcher? who’s the catcher? and who videotapes?

  2. Miranda Rae says:

    Would you name your daughter Cherries Waffles Tennis? Also what crazy name would you consider actually naming your kid? I was really Considering Wait For It for Caden’s middle name. 🙂

  3. Pouch says:

    Wait, what?