Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 63: Are You Going to Touch My Feet or Not?

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In this episode, Pouch shares a story about his feet and a stranger. Milky gets upset about a young Floridian joy rider and maintains his obsession with the World Cup. Paco brings some more Tacos, but Pouch attempts to steal her segment.

We had another friend of ours scheduled to come in, but unfortunately, he cancelled last minute causing us to change what we had planned and bring in Paco. I’m sure you guys are sick of Paco by now, huh? Well, things happen and hopefully we can get him on next time. We’ve been having to force ourselves to rein it in as we’ve been having some long episodes. Trust me, I had some more planned, but when we have two relatively long segments going in each episode, it’s not easy to keep all of it within the time constraints. We like the slimmed down version of this pod. An hour to two hours was simply too long. Intro/outro – Parry Gripp – Raining Tacos

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Get a Load of This

Florida Man Drives Drunk, Eats Chicken Wing, Hits Tree
Florida Man Puts Crack in His Ass Crack
Marlen Doll, Porn Star, Offers 16 Hour Sex Marathon if Chile Won and Delivers
Florida Boy Takes School Bus, Goes on Joy Ride, and Pisses Milky off

Paco’s Tacos

Porn of the Dead
The Texas Vibrator Massacre
Japanese Women Lives in Guy’s Closet for Year, Pisses in Sink
Guy Dies in Train Crash, Phone Calls Everyone

Serial Killer of the DayIssei Sagawa

Pouch’s Tacos

Overtoun BridgeDog Suicides
Oakville WashingtonBlobs
Pilot Frederick ValentichHis Disappearance

Shit We Mentioned

Austin Powers Dick Rocket


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