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Dropping Loads Episode 62: Massive Dump

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In this episode, Paco brings tales of drunken mishaps, one of which Pouch utterly dismisses. Milky is embarrassed with his encounter with John Carpenter. Pouch brings some more Loads of FUN, while Paco returns with some tasty Tacos.

Another longer-than-usual episode. We just had A LOT to cover and we, unfortunately, had to cut a decent amount out because we got pretty enveloped by all the May-Hem talk. The original file was about an hour and a half, but I managed to shave off about 10 minutes or so. You’re welcome. I’m also not particularly happy with the way this week’s Loads of FUN came out. I really need to think on some tie-breakers that will ensure this type of discrepancy doesn’t happen again. Intro/outro – Parry Gripp – Crunchy Taco

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Florida Woman Somehow Shoots a Fucking Missile into Car

Florida Man Goes Apeshit and Fails to Unscrew Lightbulb from Porch

Dude Somehow Forces 40 Bags of Heroin in his Belly Button

Nice Story about a High School who Gives Money to Custodian to Visit Daughter in Italy

Loads of FUN:

Cryptid or Not? 

In this game, I present one trait of the creature in question and you must determine whether the creature is a Cryptid or not (Not meaning a confirmed living creature.)

Wikipedia says that a Cryptid is a creature or plant whose existence has been suggested but has not been discovered or documented by the scientific community.

1) This sea-dwelling creature is purported to resemble a bell-shaped jellyfish with tentacles and flappy ears.


This octopus is belongs to the genus Grimpoteuthis, but are commonly referred the Dumbo Octopus, for their ear-like protrusions that resemble Disney’s flying elephant known as Dumbo. Largely unseen as they live in extreme depths of 3000-4000 meters below sea level. This type of octopi can be found in various locations all over the world, like New Zealand, Australia, Oregon, and the Philippines.

2) This subterranean beast has been reported to resemble scaly, black earthworm.


The Minhocao, the Brazillian Portuguese word for “big earthworm,” supposedly exists in the forests of South America. This limbless creature is reported to be enormous in size, reaching up to 4 feet in diameter and 75 feet in length. Stories claim that the tunnels it burrows underground have caused large man-made structures to collapse. Its status unconfirmed.


3) This creature is known for its scaly hide that can be found on its head, neck, and tail, while the rest of its body is covered in poisonous quills.


This beast has been spotted in France and is known as the Peluda or La Velue, which both roughly translate as a something hairy. Though descriptions of this creature have varied greatly over the years, it is consistently described with a scaly hide on its head, neck, and tail similar to a snake, poisonous quills that can be shot out, and tortoise-like feet. Its status is unconfirmed.


4) This flying creature is reported to resemble a bat with a long snout, red-skinned wings, and a wing span of 3 meters. (12 feet)


This creature was dubbed the Ahool, onomatopoeia for its supposed cry. Reports of its appearance have varied between a giant bat and large winged primate, due description of alternating between a bat-like face and an ape-like face. It dwells in the deep rainforest of Java, located in Indonesia. This creature remains unconfirmed.


5) This crustacean-like organism is alleged to wield pincers covered in blond fur.


Kiwa hirsuta, dubbed as the yeti lobster or yeti crab, was discovered in 2005, dwelling in the South Pacific Ocean. This creature resides at 2200 meters below sea level, in hydrothermal vents. The setae covering its pincers houses a filamentous bacteria that it uses to detoxify any poisonous minerals for consumption.


6) This winged creature allegedly utilizes the small cups on its wrists and ankles to scale smooth surfaces.


The Sucker-footed bat is named after what initially was thought as suctions cups found on its wrists and ankles. Initially believed to use suction to scale smooth surfaces, it has since been discovered that it secretes an adhesive through its pads. This bat has been found in the eastern regions of the forests of Madagascar.


Paco’s Tacos

Raining Meat

Preserved Dead Dudes Found in Lake after Melted

Guy Asks to be Propped Up at His Own WakeLooks Like He’s Chillin’

Freddy Jackson Picture


Shit We Mentioned




Pat Carroll is Ursula in Little Mermaid



Godzilla vs. Mothra



Mothra vs. Godzilla



Alex Vincent


John Carpenter



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