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Dropping Loads Episode 60: BabaFumay

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In this episode, Dorkie breaks his podcasting cherry to discuss the purpose of the handlebar located in the public restroom. Pouch introduces a brand new game for Loads of FUN. Milky aims to transform himself for the urban population. The boys discuss the new Batsuit and Justice League.

Desiring some more variety in the mix and realizing that we had other friends who were actually funny, we decided to bring Dorkie around. On top of that, I randomly got hit with some creativity and decided to make my very first game. I didn’t have a name for it at the time as the concept is a little convoluted for a catchy name, but I’m happy with the way it turned out and I hope you will be too. Intro/Outro: Powerglove – Power Rangers

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1) This villain wreaked havoc blowing into a device that knocked out anyone under the age of 65.

Comic Book Villain

Dressed in a straw hat and striped blazer reminiscent of a middle-class citizen of 1900, Turner D. Century first appeared in Spider-Woman #33, in the year 1980. Motivated by his distaste of the rapid social decline from the post WWI world that he idealized, he set out atop his flying bicycle, armed with a flamethrower umbrella and hyper-sonic time horn, meant to kill anyone under the age of 65. Unfortunately, his device failed, instead rendering them unconscious.

2) Among this villain’s arsenal of weapons was a tambourine that projected lightning bolts and a high-pitched wails

Power Ranger Villain

Boohoo the Clown appeared in episode 5 of Power Rangers Zeo. The villain was armed with a high-pitched cry that was painful to human ears and exploding baby bottles. Though named as a clown, his appearance and weapons were modeled after a baby. His Super Sentai counterpart was named Bara Baby.

3) This villain incapacitated his foes with a rash-inducing bite, which could then be spread by touch.

Power Ranger Villain 

Fighting Flea appeared in episode 46 of the Mighty Morphin era of the Power Rangers. Rita Repulsa planned to incapacitate one of the Rangers via a lost dog. Jason is incapacitated by the itchiness until Billy arrives with the antidote. Fighting Flea also had the ability to shoot lasers from his antennae. He does not have a Super Sentai counterpart.

4) This villain’s body was composed entirely of bees dressed in a hooded cloak.

Comic Book Villain 

Fritz von Meyer was a German scientist under Hitler’s employ. Following WWII, he started life as a beekeeper, where he came upon a colony of mutated bees. Desiring control over these bees, von Meyer attempted to capture the queen. Instead, the bees attacked him and devoured everything but his skeleton. Due to the mutation, his consciousness was absorbed by the bees. As the supervillain Swarm, he had mental control over the bees of his body. He first appeared in the comic, Champions, issue 14 in 1977.

5) This villain utilized his prehensile mustache as a whip.

Comic Book Villain

There are several incarnations of the supervillain Egg Fu, but the first one appeared in Wonder Woman #157 in 1965. The character worked as Chinese Communist agent with the appearance of a giant egg, the size of a house. In his first appearance, Egg Fu manages to capture and transform Steve Trevor into a human bomb. Aimed at an American fleet, Wonder Woman’s rescue attempt proved fatal to both Steve and her.


6) This villain attempted to bake his enemy in a giant pizza.

Power Ranger Villain

Appearing in the 22nd episode of Power Rangers Turbo, one of Divatox’s cronies brings to life Mad Mike, the mascot of a local pizza parlor. Mad Mike managed to take control of two of the Rangers’ zords with the use of evil pizzas.

Shit We Mentioned

Willie Dynamite Pimp Counsel

Beyonce – Irreplaceable (Birth of the ‘To the Left’)

Batsuit and Batmobile


Adam West as Batman

Batman Vs. Superman Announcement at Comic-Con 2013

Gina Carano

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

Mark Strong


Black Adam



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