Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 56: Swishy featuring John Dayton of The Weekly Train Wreck

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In this episode, the boys bring in John Dayton of The Weekly Train Wreck, where he falls for a thrift store thief. Milky wishes for a world free of the intergluteal cleft, while Pouch defends its honor. The guys pitch a new fashion podcast about jeans and shoes.

After the unfortunate collapse of the 76th Street Network, I figured that we should try to maintain strong ties to the podcasting community that we love. Yeah, yeah. I know we shouldn’t have taken them for granted and actually had them on when the network was going strong. We always talked about it, but we never actually pursued until after the fall and I regret that. But regardless, now we have another prominent figure of the 76th Street Network, John Dayton of John Dayton’s Smartass Podcast and The Weekly Train Wreck. We talk podcasting and 76th Street Network drama. Check him out at The Weekly Train Wreck, where they speak with awesome musicians and discuss weird news. Intro/Outro: Ben Folds – Ass Crack Bandit.


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Homo sayswhatticus and the Trembling Fist by Lance Manion
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The Weekly Train Wreck

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Eats Some Money
Dumbass Non-Floridian Gets Lost in Sewers for 2 Days because of $20
Swishy Man Prances Around in G-String, Batman Cape and Cowl
Ass Cracks Galore at Magic: the Gathering Tournament and the Man who Sought to Expose Them

Shit We Mentioned


Marty McFly’s Power Laces from Back to the Future II


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