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Dropping Loads Episode 54: So Much for Man’s Best Friend featuring Lance Manion

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In this episode, author Lance Manion returns to discuss a recently published story about the Deep Dark Web. Milky and Lance discuss dwarfs and all their glory. The guys then try to rewrite Floridian law to better suit the antics of the Florida Man. Check out http://www.lancemanion.com

Your (insert adjective about devotion here) Pouch here. We got back one of our favorite non-semi-permanent guests, Lance Manion. Let’s face it, he’s slowly becoming a semi-permanent because of how much fun we always have with him, despite the fact that he’s always shitting on something we like. In episode 49, Manion briefly touched upon a Deep Dark Web story that intrigued us. It was published just weeks after the episode was released and although, we wanted Lance on to discuss the story, we had a long list of things we wanted to get to that, unfortunately, took longer than we anticipated. As usual, it’s another great episode and as usual, Lance had us cracking up. Make sure you check out Lance at his website and don’t forget to pick up his new book, The Trembling Fist, out now on paperback and e-book. Intro/outro: benefit= – If I Owned a Midget


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