Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 45: Bamboo

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In this episode, Milky and Pouch tell the tale of a most memorable figure known as Bamboo. Maria transitions into Paco to better reflect her internal identity. Milky exposes a dumpster prostitution scandal. Pouch seduces a stripper in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Your dutiful Pouch here. Back in the saddle and feeling great. This will be the first time I’ve edited the pod in weeks and I’m enjoying my return, though many of you may not once your hear how rusty my editing skillz have becomes since I took my hiatus. For some strange reason, it seems that all the topics discussed had been long gestating and by the time we sat down to recording, we were ready to burst. Then again, we hadn’t recorded in nearly a month, which should contribute to it. It’s a fun episode, give it a listen. Oh, I meant Joe Carnahan, when I was referring to the guy who directed The Grey. Intro/outro: Anarbor – Mr. Big Shot

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