Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 42: STF

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In this episode, Eugene joins Pouch and Milky for the first time in months to tackle HARD-hitting news. Pouch tells us all about what Miley Cyrus did over her weekend. Milky recalls a story in which he was tricked into helping someone move.

Milky cumin at you to tell you about Dropping Loads Episode 42: STF. I can’t believe that we still do this podcast, but it does bring me joy and a place to rant on and on for no fucking reason. So enjoy our latest episode. Intro/Outro: Waterfalls – TLC

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Swirly yogurt?

Pyro from the X-Men



Miley Cyrus Twerks

Robin Thicke


N’Sync at the VMA’s



The end of This is the End/ Backstreet Boys

J-Lo’s ass (I think she might also be in the picture, I honestly can’t tell)










Golden Freeman


Mark Strong








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