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Dropping Loads Episode 37: Chewbacca Hates You

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In this episode, Milky laments living among Floridians. Maria shares more stories of nudity from the photo department. Pouch refuses to believe that pregnant boys would deter unsafe sex. The guys discuss nap time and how Chewbacca is a douche.

Pouch here. Happy Father’s Day, folks. Though, this episode has NOTHING to do with Father’s Day. We need to plan these a little better, because we always record mid-week and never remember what’s going on the following Sunday when it goes up. While my machinery was out of action, Milky reclaimed his throne as rightful editor of the podcast. For the few of you who know our schedule, you may be wondering why we aren’t releasing a sketch right about now. Guys, no excuses here. It was just incredibly poor planning. The simplest thing to do was to just record a podcast in place of it.

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