Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 32: Denture Twins

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In this episode, the boys welcome Tony to discuss the birth and rise of the 76th Street Pod and the 76th Street Network. The boys are awestruck as Tony extols the great state of Nebraska. The guys then brainstorm the world’s most racist theme park.

Pouch here. If you guys don’t already know – and how could you miss it? We’ve been celebrating it for the past month – we were picked up by the 76th Street Network a few weeks ago. With a spike in feed hits overall, we’re more enthusiastic than ever for our podcast because now we know that people actually listen. We still don’t get too much reception in the form of comments or e-mails, but the statistics don’t lie. Those sweet, sweet numbers have been going up and it’s such a wonderful feeling to know that people are listening to us!

And all of this really is thanks to the 76th Street Network. So we decided to have one of the founders of the network, Tony, come and guest on our humble pod. It was a great fucking time, as you can hear from all the laughter. Join in the fun and listen in. Oh yeah, please excuse the technical difficulties. This was our first time ever recording via Skype and it seems like our Internet connection was being uncooperative, so Tony will break up from time to time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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