Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 3: The Celebrated History of Aggressive Finger-Pointing

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In this episode, a new edition of “Get a Load of This,” we bring in old friends Brian and his brother Mark as guests with Nikki in the peanut gallery, Jon becomes the permanent-semi cast member in Eugene’s absence and provides a history lesson on a certain hand gesture, and we discuss which wrestler we’d like to see in a sex tape.

Ponch here. Holy shit, I can’t believe we’re releasing Episode 3. Maybe about a month ago, I never thought I’d even be working on a podcast, let alone releasing the 3rd official episode on a weekly basis. Glad to have something to put my energies into after the stint over at InfamousKidd.com ended so quickly. It’s great doing something this much fun every week.Intro/Outro Theme: “Real American” by Rick Derringer (Hulk Hogan’s most often used theme song.

Get a Load of This


Loads of FUN: 
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Shit We Mentioned:
Tito Puente
Hulk Hogan’s “Let Me Hear You” Ear thing
Ric Flair
Macho Man Randy Savage
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Chyna and X-pac
William Regal
Terry Funk
Trish Stratus
The Rock
Eddie Guerrero
Mick Foley
Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Big Boss Man
Paul Bearer
Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart
The Boogeyman
Bozo the Clown
The Blue Meanie
Norman Smiley
Ultimate Warrior
Vince McMahon
CM Punk
Rowdy Roddy Piper
The Headbangers
Booker T
The Dudleys
Spike Dudley
The Hardys
Pheonix Wright
John Denver


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