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Dropping Loads Episode 228: The A-Team vs. The B-Team

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In this episode, two clans converge for civil war. The veterans of the A-Team and the greenhorns of the B-Team meet in immature combat to determine which one is slightly better than the other.

Pouch here. Milky’s brain child has finally come to fruition. Ever since he started the B-Team, there came a sparkle in his eye and the seeds of an inter-pod crossover episode were sown. Let’s see who destroys the other. Intro/outro: B Pumper – Pumper.

The guys will be playing a number of games. At the end of each game, the winning team will be awarded a number a point. At the end of the podcast, the team with the most games won/most number of points will be crowned the winner.

Japanese Movie Titles

Japan is known for being bat shit crazy and they don’t stay far behind with their movie title translations. The American name of a movie will be presented. The team will then be presented with multiple choice answers. The team with the most points will take the game.

1)The Zookeeper’s Wife (2017) Starring Jessica Chastain

  1. Antonina’ Life
  2. The Zoo That Saved the Jews: The Lives That Antonina Loved
  3. The Zoo that Battled the Nazis

2) Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016 film) Starring Johnny Depp

  1. Alice in Wonderland: Time Travel
  2. Alice Looks at Glass
  3. Alice in the Wonderland 2

3) Mr. Right (2015 film) Starring Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick

  1. Mr. Alright
  2. Bad Buddy!: An Assassination Date with My Man
  3. Mr. Bad: Wrong Assassination

4) Yoga Hosers (2016) directed by Kevin Smith

  1. Convenience Store Wars: Part-Timer Schoolgirls Vs. the Mini Nazi Army
  2. Mini Nazis Convenience Store Attack
  3. Convenience Store Wars: Mini Nazi army Attacks Yoga Girls

5) Boyhood (2014)

  1. I Was Boy Now I’m Grown
  2. Becoming Adult From Boy.
  3. Until I, 6 Years Old, Become An Adult

6) Heaven Knows What (2014 )American-French

  1. God Can Kiss My Ass
  2. Homeless Wrist Cutter
  3. Heaven Knows You’re a Heroin Addict

7) Meet the Spartans (2008) American Comedy Classic

  1. Funny Spartan
  2. 300 part 2
  3. Almost 300

8) Stranger Than Fiction (2006 film) Starring Will Ferrell

  1. Strange Man
  2. The Main Protagonist Was Me
  3. The Main Character is Strange

9) Big Trouble in Little China

  1. Ghosthunters
  2. Ghosts of China
  3. China is Trouble

10) Shaft (1971) Starring Richard Roundtree

  1. Shaft Detective
  2. The Black Jaguar
  3. Harlem Shaft

(Tie Breaker) Leaving Las Vegas (1995) Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue

  1. I’m Drunk and You’re a Prostitute
  2. Prostitute in Las Vegas
  3. Staying in Las Vegas

Price is Milky

A sex toy will be presented with description and picture. The teams will deliberate on a price for the sex toy. The team who is closest to the actual price will receive a point. The team with the most points will take the game.


A monument of eroticism! The Eiffel Tower dildo was created by artist Sebastien Lecca. Measures at 10 inches and features a 6 inch intertable tip. Harness compatible. Made in France.  $38.95

 2) Thigh Harness

You’ll be amazed at what happens when sensuality pops up in unexpected places. Let your thigh make lovers sigh! $15.36


Always ready. Geisha Doggie Style Stroker Flesh from Nasstoys of New York. Features: Better-than-Realskin Masturbator. Special nodules tunnel. Super stretchy. Waterproof, non-vibrating male masturbation device. $7.20

4) Sheep Shaggin Inflatable Sheep

The Sassy Sheep likes it hard and takes it deep. The cute face you can’t resist comes with one rear love hole. Grab hold and baaaaaack it up! $10.94


Warding off dryness since 159 B.C. Jesus wept but you don’t have to. Don’t spend forty days and forty nights in the desert! Bless your sweet pootang and dip that ass in the Water of LIFE! Baptize that John and make it an upright Christian! Hide the Pulpit with the speed of an Olympic luge! Don’t just give into temptation…Slide into it..and out of it..and into it. $12.99

6) Foot Long Hot Dog Stroke

Now you can have a hot diggety great time with the Footlong Stroker Masturbator! You will be sure to get a full load of mayonnaise when you slip your firm shaft into this massive Stroker! Made out of a durable PVC Plastic on the outside with a super soft skin silicone on the inside….this fun little Masturbator gives a whole new meaning to the term  Take me out to the ballgame ! This Discreet Play Toy enables you to proudly display it anywhere until you are ready to Get Wild …then Both ends screw off to reveal an Anus on one side (for the more adventurous)and a Vagina on the other. Sticking your wiener in a bun will never be the same. This is an outrageous play toy for the man who really Loves  his wiener! $29.25


Try out our addictive friend whom we call “the little death”. (But better known to his friends as a large, black, uncut cock). In the spirit of DIY, this model comes with its own hatchet but truth be told, he be happy in da hood. Le Petit Mort ain’t so petite anymore. $61.00

8) Putin Butt Plug

Pleasure your prostate in the most politically active way possible with the 3D printed Putin butt plug. Using the Putin butt plug you and your fellow comrades will be able to make a bold rebellious statement against Putin’s conservative views. $29.99

Tie breaker


Honey, what’s that thing stickin’ out of your Bible belt? Lay your hands on this, Jimmy! What makes Tammy scream and Jim run for cover? It’s a Halleluiah booty thumping, Howlin’ and a humpin’, Pentacostal rumpus, fire lickin’, guaranteed-to-be-the-quickest-way-to-learn-yourself-a new tongue-in’ product. Vibrating Bullets and Batteries Not Included. Lip-reading…The Good Book. $28.00

Shooting Blanks

Each team will be presented with a porn title with one crucial word missing. The team will then be presented with multiple choice answers to fill-in-the-blank. The team with the most correct responses will take the round.

1Hard in _______

  1. Ass
  2. Car
  3. Love
  4. Pussy

2) _____ Fisting Sluts

  1. Sluts
  2. Niggas
  3. Hoes
  4. British

3) Monster Dicks for Young ____

  1. Clits
  2. Guys
  3. Chicks
  4. Twinks

4) Ass Eating Anal ____

  1. Cunts
  2. Sluts
  3. Whores
  4. Pounding

5) My Hot Wife Is Fucking _______

  1. Mandingo
  2. Blackzilla
  3. Her step-brother
  4. Me

6) Punk Rock ______

  1. Bears
  2. Babes
  3. Pussy
  4. Poser

7) Giving It Up to the _____Man

  1. Cock
  2. Black
  3. Night
  4. Anal

8) I Was ______ Yesterday

  1. Moist
  2. Tight
  3. Yours
  4. a Man

9) Squirting ______

  1. Chinchilla
  2. Therapist
  3. Chicks
  4. Nurse

10) Black _____ Matter

  1. Dicks
  2. Loads
  3. Cocks
  4. Gays

Tie Breaker

White ____Sandwich

  1. Hoe
  2. Pussy
  3. Twink
  4. Bitch

Quote me This:

A movie quote audio clip will be presented. The teams will have to guess what movie it’s from. Each team has three chances to guess the movie title. If they are unable to guess correctly, the opposite team can steal. The team with the most correct responses will take the round.

1) I’m the walrus. Shut the fuck up, Donny. The Big Labowski   

2) God left this place a long time ago. Blood Diamond  

3) Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? – Batman

4) I’m a guy who does his job. You must be the other guy. The Departed 

5) You can milk anything with nipples. Meet the Parents 

6) She took a giant shit on my face. 500 Days of Summer

7) Me love you long time. Me so horny. Full Metal Jacket

8) Maybe, maybe not, maybe fuck yourself. The Departed 

Tie Breaker

9) Shotgun to the dick. Hot Tub Time Machine

What Would Panda do?

A question that was previously answered by Panda will be presented. Each team will take their turns as they guess from multiple choice answers. The team with the most correct responses will take the round.

1) If you had three wishes what would they be?

  1. Bring my waifu to laifu, all expense trip to cali, and free hentai for life
  2. That I wasn’t so lazy, that Iwas born in japan, and that all my family members were still alive.
  3. Bring back people from dead, pay off all my debt, Be better at 3D animation, and stuff like that.

2. What do you think about transgenders and their bathroom usage?

  1. I wouldn’t feel comfortable if my daughter went in a bathroom with someone that in reality is a dude.
  2. Let people be what they want to be. If they want to be a fucking bird and shit outside. Go ahead.
  3. I think they should just make bathroom specifically for trans. And they all just go in that one.

3. What’s the one thing you’d do to unite humanity?

  1. Make everyone Christian. If they’re all one religion they won’t fight.
  2. I wouldn’t do shit. I don’t know man. It’s impossible.
  3. Make sure that there’s enough food for everyone. Make agriculture a big deal.

4. What is the one video game character that you’ve jerked off to?

  1. Felicia from Darkstalkers
  2. I mean there’s so many. I’ll just say Chun Li
  3. Everyone’s jerked off to Lara Croft

5. Go to category in porn?

  1. Big tits, no creampies, no ass big booty girls. Cause everyone knows I like thighs
  2. Hentai
  3. Harcore Anal

6) If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

  1. Japan
  2. Cali
  3. Sweden or Norway . Scandinavia

7. What are your thoughts on feminists ?

  1. I dont fucking care. Why are you asking me all these questions to get me to say something wrong?
  2. I consider Myself a feminist
  3. Which ones? Cause you have new age feminists and actual feminists. New age feminists are jokes. They try to throw their ideology down people’s throats.

8. What is one fictional place that you wished was real?

  1. The world of Ghost in the ShellBlade Runner
  2. Where Marvel comics stuff takes place.
  3. Mars.

9. What actor would you go gay for?

  1. Matt Damon
  2. The guy from Friends
  3. Bradley Cooper

10. How do you wipe?

  1. Sitting down, crumple, and back to front
  2. Fold, front to back, and obviously stand up
  3. Crumple, stand up, and front to back
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