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Dropping Loads Episode 223: Tiene Sabor

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In this episode, Paco returns to hype up DLP’s second trip to Japan. Milky speaks of his father’s shady past with orange theft. Pouch is entirely exasperated with Paco’s disproportionately extreme reactions to insignificant things.

Pouch here. Sorry, guys. We’re in the planning processes of our second trip to Japan, so that’s likely all that we’re going to talk about over the next few episodes. We’re all just so fucking excited to go. I don’t know if you could tell. Intro/outro: Deep Purple – Woman from Tokyo

Get a Load of This

There was a Gathering of a Fuckton of Golden Retrievers

Spanish Police Found Fuckton of Oranges in a Car

Man with World’s Longest Fingernails, Finally Fucking Cuts Them

Paco’s Tacos

Pouch’s Fajitas: The 6 Creepiest Stories Of 2017 (You Totally Missed)

Dangerous Japanese “Detergent Suicide” Technique Creeps into U.S. (Not Tide Pods)

Serial Killer of the Day: Kabukichou Salaryman

Shit We Mentioned


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