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Dropping Loads Episode 20: Don’t Make Dollar, Don’t Make Sense

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In this episode, Jon returns and fills us in on the latest rap feuds. Nikki wins on her recent date as well as reminisces about letters she wrote to her family members. The DLP boys also discuss the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and our renouncing of certain childhood fairy tales.

Pouch here. What’s up, motherfuckers?! We just hit another fucking landmark with Dropping Loads Productions… it’s episode 20! It wasn’t too long ago when we hit episode 10 and we were excited and ready to do something special for our arrival into the double digits. However, while we continue to juggle our schedules between work and podding/shooting, we kinda missed this opportunity to do something special. I only remembered that it was episode 20 when saving the pod. But hell, we got Jon back. That’s always a plus. I suppose it’s better that we don’t celebrate every single milestone and save the big celebrations for maybe episode 50. Damn, that sounds fun.

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This week’s Teasing Loads has Nikki’s Grandma denying the fate of Frosty the Snowman.

Also check out this week’s DVD Load-Down for Steven Seagal’s Today You Die.

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Dave Chappelle as Rick James – Fuck your Couch

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