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Dropping Loads Episode 199: Fuka Fuka Fuka Music

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In this episode, ODG returns to talk about the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer. Milky has some stuff to say about nearly half of South America and some of Central America.

Pouch here. ODG hadn’t been on in quite some time, so we decided to squeeze him in to talk about some new geeky trailers that have been released. Plus, I think it’s fascinating hearing about his and Paco’s childhood. Intro/outro: Vince Staples – Bagbak.

Get a Load of This

Guy Tries to Smuggle Heroin as Fucking Cakes

There’s a Guy in Brazil who is the Last Person of His Tribe, Has No Fucking Contact with World

Kid Goes a Fucking High Speed Chase on the Highway from the Cops

Popping Loads

Shit We Mentioned

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