Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 199.5: Pouch-Level Cannon

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In this episode, the guys bring back their friend Dorkie, who currently co-hosts “What the Con?” on the DLP YouTube channel. Pouch brings back Loads of FUN. Milky hates LEGOs.

Pouch here. Yes, we did it again. It’s become a tradition that before we hit a huge milestone, we do a .5 episode just to prolong it a little bit. First, we had an episode 9.5, then an episode 99.5, and now an episode 199.5. So 200 is next week, folks. Something is coming up, so stay tuned. Also, enjoy a rare Loads of FUN! Intro/Outro: Drake Bell – I Found a Way.

Get a Load of This

Dog Needs a Fucking High Chair to Eat and Drink

You Can Fucking Stay in a Lego House

Loads of FUN:

Villainous Loads

1) Sporting a suit of armor composed of “Super-asbestos,” this villain was able to best his foes.
Comic book villain
Created by Stan Lee, Ernest Hart, and Dick Ayers, Dr. Orson Karloff created a suit of armor made of what he dubbed “super-asbestos.” He was known as Asbestos Man. The suit proved to be fire-proof, allowing him to defeat and humiliate The Human Torch. The character eventually develops cancer and dies.

2) This villain nearly defeated his enemies by transforming them into bricks
PR villain
Brick Bully was born of Rita Repulsa’s terrible aim. Attempting to turn Katherine Hillard into a monster in a Season 3 episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Rita accidentally zaps wall of a housing project that the Rangers were volunteering. The villain was invited back to Master Vile’s End of the World Party.

3) Armed with an extendable tongue, this villain is able to electrify his enemies when he wraps his tongue around them.
PR villain
Originally appearing in the Ninja Storm iteration of the long-running Power Rangers franchise, Slob Goblin was a mail carrier for the nieces of Lothor, that season’s main antagonist. He was sent by Lothor to the battle the Power Rangers. The character was dressed in a suit of armor that resembled a mail box and with his extendable tongue, could lick his enemies and transform them into postage stamps.

4) A suit of armor granted this villain a cannon fixed to his abdomen, which eventually became his undoing when the cannon’s barrel was partially shut causing an explosion.
Comic book villain
Idolizing the original Spider-Man villain The Kangaroo, Brian Hibbs purchased a Kangaroo-themed suit of armor from the “Sharper Villain” Catalogue, giving him a leaping ability, a prehensile tail, and a pouch-level cannon. He would later attempt to reform himself by becoming a baseball player, until he fell back into a life of crime.

5) This villain utilizes different forms of paste to combat his foes.
Comic book villain
Debuting in 1963, created by the great Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Paste-Pot Pete is a brilliant chemist who carried out his crimes using a glue gun. As in a pistol that is connected via armored tubing to a large container that he carries. Eventually, Petruski graduated to a new handle, the Trapster. His technology would continually evolve as he would create various forms of paste to subdue his enemies. He is the only other person in the Marvel universe who was able to create a similar substance to Spider-Man’s webbing.

6) The Living Eraser
Comic Book Villain
The Living Eraser was introduced in 1963. Originating from another dimension known as Dimension Z, he was sent by the Supremacy to capture brilliant scientists to build nuclear weapons for their military. The Living Eraser was bestowed one weapon, known as the Dimensionizer. As the name suggests, it can transport people to other dimensions. To utilize it, the Dimensionizer is manually passed over an object and what it passes over will turn invisible, where the object will appear erased.

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