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Dropping Loads Episode 179: My Name is Kiiiiid

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In this very special episode, prompted by the previous Metal Ness, Ness returns and the guys reflect on better times and list musicians they listened to when they simply didn’t know better. This is part one of a two-part epic.

Pouch here. This was a fun episode to do, simply reminiscing on how shitty our music tastes were during our formative years. And it’s not over yet. We didn’t get to everything we wanted to cover, so there will be a part two. Apologies for the crackling behind the audio. We didn’t know it was there while we were recording. To be fair, we haven’t had a lot of audio issues in a while, so back off! Intro/outro: Kid Rock – Bawitdaba.


Pouch’s List

Ness’s List

Milky’s List

Shit We Mentioned

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