Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 178: Perfect Things Happen to Perfect Things

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In this episode, SPJ returns and questions the names of everything. Milky is curious about Prince Alberts. Pouch is accused of enjoying animals getting into fisticuffs with humans. Expect SPOILERS during Semi-Plot.

Pouch here. SPJ is back and seemingly questioning everything in life, causing him to formulate several mysteries. As usual, it was a riot hearing him wonder why things have their names. Intro/outro: Ailiph Doepa – Mashed Potatoes.

Get a Load of This

Big Fucking Pillow Fight Across Several Cities
Badass Teenager Punches a Fucking Shark


Mighty Morphin Krispy Kreme Rangers

Shit We Mentioned

Broken Hardys fight Kangaroo

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