Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 170: Cocaine Holiday

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In this episode, Ness returns and although he’s never committed any of the crimes discussed herein, he has some pointers. Milky and Ness have a very SPOILER-filled discussion about M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. Pouch is still paranoid about the Bootyhole Senpai.

Pouch here. We almost didn’t have Ness on, but through some serendipity, he came on! So be thankful! The guys felt the need to talk about the movie Split in lieu of a Metal Ness. It’ll be back. Enjoy it in the meantime. Intro/outro: Journey – Don’t Stop Believing.

Get a Load of This

Guy Tries to Smuggle 24 Gallons of Fucking Moonshine as Water

Zoo Wants Female Orangutans to Fuck, has Them Choose Mate via Tablet

Stitches Gets Arrested for being a Fucking Stupid, Confident Person

Man Leaves Casino, Robs Bank, and Returns to Fucking Gamble

Shit We Mentioned


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