Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 162: That was Pretty Gassy

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In this episode Metal Ness returns and finally manages to get a beer. The guys get their egos stroked with some praise from a listener. Ness reviews a new record from a very underground metal band. The guys say a brief goodbye to Pure BS Podcast.

Pouch here. It’s a been a while, but Ness finally came back. Yes, he was supposed to be on hiatus, but we didn’t feel the need to announce it as it was supposed to be a brief one. Also, thanks a lot, Saul! Intro: Metallica – Spit Out the Bone, outro: Clutch – Drink to the Dead.

Get a Load of This

Girl wants to Make her Real Toe into a Piece of Jewelry

Metal Ness


Shit We Mentioned

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