Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 156: How Does it Bleed?

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In this episode, Paco returns and expresses her love of sausage. Milky realizes how much he enjoys elderly English woman. Pouch doesn’t regret his middle school music choices.

Pouch here. Despite the fact that Paco is supposed to be a vegetarian, it’s ironic that we talked about meat for a long period of time on this episode. Spoilers: Paco hasn’t been a vegetarian since last year. Intro/outro: 50 Cent – P.I.M.P.

Get a Load of This

Veggie Meat that Tastes Like Meat and Bleeds

Scrappy Old English Lady Stuck in Bathtub for 4 Days

AirBnB Contest to Stay in Dracula’s Castle

Paco’s Tacos

Pouch’s Fajitas: Here Is The Scariest Urban Legend From Every State

Ghosthunters Discover Fresh Body in Abandoned Hospital

Creepy Clown Stories

Full Video of Man Finding Creepy Campsite

Shit We Mentioned

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