Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 150: The ReVengeance

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In this episode, Semi Permanents SPJ, Paco, and Ness take over the show to celebrate 150 episodes. In his travels, SPJ has become Detroit’s Most Wanted. Ness drinks a gallon of slurpee. Paco doesn’t understand SPJ.

Pouch here. This is it. Another milestone episode. Episode 150. So we decided to celebrate it by handing the show over to our Semi Permanents. The guys who make the show every fucking week. We hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening, folks. Intro/Outro: Ja Rule – Put It on Me (Featuring Lil Mo and Vita)

Movie Power Not Hour


Paco’s Tacos

Dank Metal Tacos

Serial Killer of the Day: Ahmad Suradji

Metal Ness


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