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Dropping Loads Episode 15: Keep Going

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In this episode, Milky and Pouch are joined by Atom Phly co-founders Steve and Frank to talk movies, Kevin Smith, and Frank’s relationship with the Pokemon franchise.

Pouch here. First off, I’d like to say thank for all the support you guys have been giving us for our newest venture in video, especially the huge reception to Tiger Balm. We always have a hell of a time doing it and we hope you have a hell of a time watching. This episode only features 2 of the Dropping Loads boys, but we are joined by two special guests who make up for it by some of our more interesting guests.

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Sponsors and Friends
“Keep Going” by Atom Phly Media and Dardrex Productions.

Loads of FUN: One, True, Three

Courtesy of Walter Flanagan of Tell ‘Em, Steve-Dave

Shit We Mentioned
Kevin Smith and SmodCo
Palkia on the cover of Pokemon Pearl
Palkia Stylus
John Candy in Cool Runnings

Edgar Wright
Michel Gondry
Marc Webb
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst
Natalie Portman

Jim Henson
Tickle Me Elmo


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