Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 149: Widespread Panic Swag

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In this episode, SPJ makes an unexpected return and brings with him good and bad news. Milky is obsessed with the cinematic masterpiece known as Baller Blockin’. Pouch brings some fajitas. This episode is dedicated to Daisy, SPJ’s beloved dog.

Pouch here. As explained, I didn’t expect SPJ to be available the day we were recording, so I had originally only planned for an episode with just Milky and me. But then, something horrible happened that freed up SPJ’s time. We’ll miss you, Daisy. Intro/outro: Cash Money Millionaires featuring E-40 – Baller Blockin’

Get a Load of This

Two Obituaries for One Guy

Pizza ATM

Pouch’s Fajitas

White with Red

I Told You to Smile

The Kaleidoscope

Shit We Mentioned

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