Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 142: Queer Eye for the X-Men Guy

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In this episode, SPJ returns and slightly teases on the Don Francisco Promise Historia. SPJ reviews the X-Men: Apocalypse joint, in which he explains the villain’s other occupation. Pouch decides to end the Florida Man segment.

Pouch here. SPJ’s new work schedule makes it so that we must accommodate an entirely different schedule. This was recorded over a week ago and therefore, it is dated. Thankfully, SPJ’s stuff feels timeless as fuck. Sorry folks, I unceremoniously end the Florida Man segment. Just got tired of it. Intro/Outro: All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) – Widelife Featuring Simone Denny.

Get a Load of This

Florida Couple Fights Over Fart aka the Death of the Florida Man Segment

Woman Dropkicks Cake

Robot Runs Away from Lab

Shit We Mentioned

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