Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 140: Jesus Died with a Death Erection

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In this episode, Paco returns and is overwhelmed by the death erection. Pouch is disappointed that Paco doesn’t want to start beef with SPJ. Milky hates a lot of things.

Pouch here. Unfortunately, we didn’t record any audio from Milky’s microphone. Shit happens. You could still hear him very clearly from the other mics, so it worked well enough. I tried my best to amplify segments of either Paco or my track, but it wasn’t easy. Intro/outro: Alice Cooper – I Love the Dead.

Get a Load of This

Gravedigging Competition

China Introduces Women-Only Parking Spot because They Can’t Park

Paco’s Tacos

Human Experimentation in North Korea

Woman Fucks Dead Bodies

Cannibal Island

Serial Killer of the Week: Elizabeth Bathory – The Blood Contess

Shit We Mentioned

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