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Dropping Loads Episode 14: Tasteful

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In this episode, Dave takes the reins of “Get a Load of This” as well as enlightens the DLP Boys (and girl) of his street walker magnetism, the DLP Boys ponder on how to tastefully present a woman’s genitals, and Nikki shows off her comedic talents.

Hey, guys. Pouch here. As we become more into the idea of putting videos up for Dropping Loads Productions, it really feels like the pod is starting to suffer a bit and it’s unfortunate because that’s the thing that started all of this in the first place. Anyway, this is one of the shortest episodes yet because we’re actually listening to your shitty complaints about the lengths. Yep, we’re intentionally shortening them to be more convenient to the few of you that still listen. This episode was recorded at the Barona Dome and because of that, the set up wasn’t ideal and you might be hearing some bumps here and there. Forgive us. It’s a very cheap operation behind those mics.

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