Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 128: The Ghost of Japan

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In this episode, Paco returns from her trip to Uruguay and spins quite a different yarn from Milky’s. Pouch finds Paco’s smile creepy. Milky is unimpressed with everything.

Pouch here. Paco’s back and her version of the Uruguay trip is much different from Milky’s. She’s a bit different, and we, of course, shit on her for it. Intro/outro: Japan – Ghosts.

Get a Load of This

Traffic Halted because of a Nude Chick on Top of a Semi-Truck

Dog Found Behind Wheel of a Semi-Truck after Crash

Paco’s Tacos

Mummified Man Found on Boat

Taxi Drivers in Japan Picking up Ghosts

Barbie.avi Urban Legend

Dead Woman Gives Birth during Burial

Uruguayan Urban Legend: Luz Mala

Serial Killer of the Day: Robert Berdella

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