Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 126: Enhance the Experience

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In this episode, Pouch welcomes back former Semi-Permanent, Random Guy Serge for a one-time return to the microphone. Pouch reminisces on RGS’s time with DLP and wonders if he would ever use a blow-up sex doll. RGS defends himself against allegations of hating everything.

Pouch here. Milky and Paco are out of town again. Rather than do another solo episode, I brought back good friend and former Semi-Permanent Random Guy Serge. Unfortunately, I didn’t have use of Milky Way Studios, so there were definitely some technical difficulties in this episode. Normally, my perfectionism would have made me question whether or not I should release this episode, but I said, “Fuck it.” Intro/outro: Eminem – Without Me

Get a Load of This

Florida Teen Somehow Opens Up Medical Practice and Plays Doctor

Actor had to Replace Two Fingers with Toes

Man uses Blow-up Doll as Scarecrow

MasterCard to Utilize Selifies as ID

Shit We Mentioned

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