Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 122: Two-Way Impostor

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In this episode, SPJ Googles stuff and talks about it on the podcast. Pouch and SPJ argue about the outcome in The Big Short. Milky pitches a new video for Dorst.

Pouch here. Don’t want to speak too soon, but I’m hoping we continue on track as we have been recently. SPJ always cracks us up and he didn’t disappoint this time. Intro/outro: Trick Daddy Featuring J.V. and the Lost Tribe – Boy.

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Kills his Cross-Dressing Voodoo Priest Boyfriend

Smug Fugitive Sends Selfie to Police because He Didn’t Like His Mugshot

Flying Kick to Stop Carjack

SPJ Randomly Googles Shit

Man Eats 61-Year-Old Peanut Butter

Man Dies in Car Accident after Watching Porn while Driving

Society of Professional Journalists

Two-Way Impostor

Two-Way Impostor

Shit We Mentioned


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