Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 113: Simply Not Pouch

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In this episode, Pouch takes his first absence from the podcast, leaving Milky and Paco to run the show. The couple bicker about how Paco is both a punk kid and dramatic girl obsessed with death. Milky watches gay porn for the first time.

Pouch here. I wasn’t feeling very well the day that we were supposed to record, so I decided to take a sick day. It was the first time I’ve ever been absent from the podcast and after 110+ episodes, I think I’ve accrued more than enough sick time. Unfortunately, I left Milky scrambling and thankfully, he put something to together last minute and even edited the episode. What a trooper. Intro/outro: Partytime – 45 Grave

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Gets Head and then Shoots Her in Head

Shit We Mentioned

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