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Dropping Loads Episode 108: Suh-in Good Good – Halloween Special

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In this episode, the boys celebrate Halloween for the third time. Pouch and Paco mix it up a bit and switch up their segments. Paco brings in some grotesque news items for a Spooky edition of Get a Load of This, sure to make you gag. Her side of Tacos delves into technology and murders. Pouch brings some spine-tingling shorts about creepy children for Pouch’s Tacos.

Pouch here. Unfortunately, this Halloween special wasn’t quite as planned out in the past, but I think we still succeeded in creeping you the fuck out. At least, I hope. Intro/Outro: The Misfits – Halloween. Thunder claps sound effect courtesy of Pablo Perez.

Get a Load of This: Spooky Edition

Florida Man Mutilates Girlfriend During Sex, When She Calls Out Ex’s Name

Man Loses Most of his Face to Flesh-Eating Virus

Man Stores 21 Severed Vaginas in his Freezer

Pouch’s Tacos

5 Gruesome Murders with Ghost Stories

The Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley

Creepy Things Kids have Said to their Babysitters

Paco’s Tacos

Meat YouTube

Harvey Glatman. Photos of his victims: Shirley Ann Bridgeford, Ruth Mercado, Judy Ann Dull

Serial Killer of the Day: Béla Kiss

Shit We Mentioned

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