Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 104: Escalator’s No Joke

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In this episode, Paco returns and attempts to plan something for the 200th episode of Dropping Loads. Milky wants to start pimping girls’ feet. Pouch tries to hustle his parents’ mangoes.

Pouch here. After last episode’s low hum, I’m sure you guys are excited for some clarity. It’s back to the slightly better than sub-par audio quality here. Personally, I think we pulled this together nicely. Hope you enjoy it. Intro/outro: Koffin Kats – Chainsaw Massacre.

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Crawling on the Floor, Sniffing Girls’ Feet
Man Tries to Sell New Spray, Doesn’t Shower for 12 Years

Paco’s Tacos

Another Black-Eyed Child Sighting at Chase Forest
Girl Possibly Buried Alive, Pounding Heard from Grave
Camera-Shy Doll Disappears
Mom Falls into Escalator, Gets Crushed
Serial Killer of the Day: Delphine Lalaurie

Shit We Mentioned

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