Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 103: They’re Overporned

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In this episode, Pouch takes the reins and attempts to navigate the podcast alone. Steven and Fred Dorst of Pure BS Podcast guest star to promote their upcoming 100th episode and commandeer the podcast where they can get real. DLP goes back to its roots and talk parenting. This time, with an actual parent.

Pouch here. As explained in the episode, Milky was busy prepping for something. Rather than skip another week and get bitched out by Dorst, I decided to host the podcast with Steven and Ben from Pure BS Podcast in anticipation of their 100th episode due on October 5th. Be sure to check that out. Yes, I’m aware there’s a high-pitched buzz in the background. Try to deal. Intro/Outro: Thomas Newman – Shawshank Prison (Stoic theme).

Get a Load of This

Florida Man Passes Out in KFC Drive-Thru

Florida Man Plays with his Penis in Burger King

Hardcore 5-year-old Russian Kids Break Out of Kindergarten to Purchase Car

Shit We Mentioned

Andy Dufresne Escapes in The Shawshank Redemption.


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