Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Episode 147: Decapitation Up in This Bitch

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In this episode, Milky and Paco talk about being hooked on Netflix shows. Milky talks about an Illegal CIA project called Project MKUltra. Paco brings some movie-related Tacos.

Milky here. Paco and I put this week’s episode together after some schedule conflicts with Pouch. He’ll be back with us next week for sure. As always, when it’s just Paco and I, we tend to drift and talk about horror movies, TV shows, or just plain out gibberish. Intro/outro: Koffin Kats – Chainsaw Massacre

Paco’s Tacos

Project MKUltra

Horror Movie that Were Actually Cursed

Horror Movies Inspired by True Events

Serial Killer of the Day – Phantom Killer

Shit We Mentioned

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