Dropping Loads

Dropping Loads Podcast

Milky, Pouch, and a rotating roster of Semi-Permanents offer up an award-winning comedic, conversational podcast that holds no topic sacred.

Dropping Loads Episode 6: Milky the Explorer

In this episode, the boys trek on without a vital semi-permanent cast member, discuss the implications of Easter Sunday, find out the extent of how stupid cops can be, talk about paranormal experiences, and announce some cool stuff coming your way.

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Dropping Loads Episode 5: The Unbiblical Cord

In this episode of Dropping Loads, we discuss teenage prudes, Ponch’s weird and somehow gay dreams of having sex with Red Hot Chili Peppers band members, skydiving, and Milky¬†brings a new game that helps us figure out what Dave does all day on his days off.

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Dropping Loads Episode 4: From Flassy to Classy

In this episode, a new edition of Get a Load of This, special guest Langston enlightens us on one of the more misunderstood parts of gay culture, and a new game is played for Loads of FUN that helps us get to know Langston more than we really […]

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Dropping Loads Episode 3: The Celebrated History of Aggressive Finger-Pointing

In this episode, a new edition of “Get a Load of This,” we bring in old friends Brian and his brother Mark as guests with Nikki in the peanut gallery, Jon becomes the permanent-semi cast member in Eugene’s absence and provides a history lesson on a certain hand […]

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Episode 2: More Dicks Than A Sausage Market

In this episode, we bring in special guest Jon to weigh in on the unfortunate changes to the cast of The Walking Dead as well as performs a great rendition of a Dexter episode, new segments of “Get a Load of This” and “Loads of FUN,” and a […]

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The OFFICIAL first episode of your soon to be FAVORITE podcast is here!!!!

In this episode, we talk about what weird things we have put on our private areas and Dave attempts to review “Ghost Rider 2: The Spirit of Vengeance” and tells us about his weird church experience. You can also expect more of Dave’s awesome and enthusiastic stories.

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Dropping Episode 0 of Dropping Loads

In episode 0 of Dropping Loads, we figure out the name of the podcast, the possible genre and content, Tyler Perry, Eugene’s drunken adventures, Dave’s boring storytelling, and extensively discuss Sabado Gigante and Don Francisco.

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