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Dropping Loads Episode 229: Off to Texas

In this episode, Gad (aka Benjamin Sandal) prepares for his move to Texas. Lionheart brings the last edition of the “Wrestler or Not a Wrestler” game. Milky watches The Predator.

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Dropping Loads Episode 228: The A-Team vs. The B-Team

In this episode, two clans converge for civil war. The veterans of the A-Team and the greenhorns of the B-Team meet in immature combat to determine which one is slightly better than the other.

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Dropping Loads Episode 226: Blacked Out

In this episode, Lionheart and Milky talk about their recent trip to Philadelphia. Lionheart blacks out at the Rocky steps. Gad ponders on his porn star name.

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Dropping Loads Episode 225: The Worst Episode

In this episode, Panda makes his return to the Dropping Loads Podcast. SPJ insists that Panda schools them about anime. Milky accidentally makes Panda confess to a crime.

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Dropping Loads Episode 222: Elementary School New Jack

In this episode, the boys make plans to attend the Gathering of the Juggalos 2019. Gad fucks up our game. Lionheart thoroughly enjoys the idea of toddlers wrestling in a steel crib match.

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Dropping Loads Episode 218: Crooked Dick Johnny Hogg

In this episode, Milky is sad because Argentina got destroyed in the World Cup. Lionheart reminisces on the best New Year’s of his life. Gad wonders why he even talks to them.

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Dropping Loads Episode 216: Do You Guys Remember?

In this episode, Gad takes gas station dick pills. Lionheart brings a brand new wrestling-related game for the boys to play. Gad quietly judges as Milky and Lionheart talk about the insanely underrated 2003 classic movie, Grind.

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Dropping Loads Episode 214: Hard Journalistic Questions

In this episode, Gad and Dropping Loads virgin, Lionheart, join Milky to attempt to talk about Deadpool 2. Milky is a Japan nerd and brings a Japan-related game for the boys to play. Lionheart brings some hard questions that Gad doesn’t want to answer.

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The massively popular chain toy store known as Toys “R” Us is closing its doors. Most people pleasantly reminisce about the giant block toy store from their childhoods… not A Real Dorkie Hero, however. He’s pretty happy to see it go.

Sometimes, you look at your childhood through the rose-tinted beer […]

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After inquiring about their convention experiences, a couple of Con-size queens decide to turn the tables on ODG and have him answer who he would F**k, Marry, and Kill?

What the Con? is a future Pulitzer Prize-winning show that explores the inner workings of anime/comic book convention attendees by asking the […]

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