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Dropping Loads is a team of friends producing a podcast & variety shows on their YouTube channel that will pique your interests and maybe your genitals.

Usual Suspects

Milky Way
directormilkyOriginating from Argentina, Milky is the co-host/co-creator of the Dropping Loads podcast. Along with the podcast, Milky is the producer, photographer, and director of Milky’s Way, The ODG Show, Vest Top 5, Wake Up!, and What the Con? on the Dropping Loads YouTube Channel.




Pouch is the co-host/co-creator of the Dropping Loads Podcast. He likes to spend his days spreading the gospel of the Dark Knight in the treacherous suburbs of Miami and at DarkKnightNews.com. Pouch produces and stars with SPJ in What Am I Playing?! on the Dropping Loads YouTube Channel.



Dropping Loads Podcast

Milky, Pouch and a rotating roster of Semi-Permanents offer up an award-winning comedic, conversational podcast that holds no topic sacred.





Metal Ness

Metal Ness


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Live on Tuesdays at 12:00PM CST/1:00EST


Dropping Loads YouTube Channel


THE ODG SHOW, starring ODG

The Ol’ Drunken Geek is who he is. He loves to get drunk and he loves to geek out. Crack open a cold one with your boy ODG and listen to him geek out on the ODG Show.

VEST TOP 5, starring Vest Guy

Born from the golden stitching of Charlie Chaplin’s Prada vest, cinema and vests have been part of his every fiber. Vest Guy loves movies. Watch him count down what he considers the Vest Top 5.


WHAT AM I PLAYING?!, starring SPJ and Pouch

Pouch plays Padawan Learner to the Gaming Master that is SPJ. In each episode of What Am I Playing?!, SPJ will educate and expose Pouch to a new game that he’s never played before. He will struggle, he will falter, and he will likely… not get better.

WAKE UP!, starring A Real Dorkie Hero

Sometimes, you look at your childhood through the rose-tinted beer goggles of nostalgia and things always look amazing. Well, most of the time, it isn’t. A Real Dorkie Hero is here to drop a reality bomb and shout some sense into you.


WHAT THE CON?starring ODG and A Real Dorkie Hero

What the Con? is a future Pulitzer Prize-winning show that explores the inner workings of anime/comic book convention attendees by asking the hard-hitting, thought-provoking questions that plague our society.

MILKY’S WAY, starring Milky

My name is Cristian, but I’ve always been known as Milky Way. This is a vlog series that I decided to start in order to open up about my life after being diagnosed with hypopituitarism.