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Dropping Loads Episode 181: Dildobanging

In this episode, Gad returns and reminisces on his long friendship with ODG. They’re besties. Milky has a morbid idea for a movie. The guys go over some recent movie and DC news.

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Dropping Loads Episode 180: Get in Dem Butt Cheeks

In this episode, DLP welcomes Paco’s brother, Old Drunk Geek. He sets the record straight on his family’s secret stashes of food. The guys analyze all the recent geeky movie trailers.

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Dropping Loads Episode 179: My Name is Kiiiiid

In this very special episode, prompted by the previous Metal Ness, Ness returns and the guys reflect on better times and list musicians they listened to when they simply didn’t know better. This is part one of a two-part epic.

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Our Tokyo vlog continues. This week, we head over to Roppongi Hills Mori Tower for a perfect view of the city. As well as an Studio Ghibli exhibit. We also head over to a hedgehog cafe.

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Dropping Loads Episode 178: Perfect Things Happen to Perfect Things

In this episode, SPJ returns and questions the names of everything. Milky is curious about Prince Alberts. Pouch is accused of enjoying animals getting into fisticuffs with humans. Expect SPOILERS during Semi-Plot.

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Dropping Loads Episode 177: The Aswang?!

In this episode, Paco returns so soon and brings forth a serial killer that impresses the guys. Pouch drove to Orlando and took a route that scared him. Milky shows off his prowess in cunninlingus.

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