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Dropping Loads Episode 172: Tokyo Travel Vlog Commentary

In this episode, Pouch celebrates 5 years of Dropping Loads all by himself while Milky is in Uruguay. He commentates the first two episodes of Dropping Loads’s Tokyo Travel Vlog, providing very little insight.

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Time Machine?

Steve (Alan Caceres) finds a time machine at a nearby park. Now possessing the power to time travel, Steve attempts to show off his new toy to his best friend John (Sebastian Arias.) A task that turns out a lot more difficult than he could have ever expected.

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In the second episode of the travel vlog, we actually got to see parts of Tokyo. We experience our first beautiful shrine¬†and a breathtaking view… all before seeing some of the trippiest shit we’ve ever seen. Also, watch as Eugene fights to win a stuffed bunny.

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Dropping Loads Episode 171: Lechita

In this episode, Milky suspects that something is wrong with Paco. Pouch was almost picked up by some older ladies. Milky explains the benefits of intimacy with an elderly woman.

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Dropping Loads Episode 170: Cocaine Holiday

In this episode, Ness returns and although he’s never committed any of the crimes discussed herein, he has some pointers. Milky and Ness have a very SPOILER-filled discussion about M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. Pouch is still paranoid about the Bootyhole Senpai.

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It’s no secret that the Dropping Loads gang visited Tokyo, Japan some time last year. I believe it was mentioned on every single episode that Paco was on. Well…. We did, and we loved it. Once back from our trip, we decided to put all of our footage […]

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