Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 169: Sweet Meat

In this episode, SPJ returns to preach the brilliance of Baller Blockin and review Chode One. Pouch is weirded out by a co-worker. Milky thinks that Fred Dorst is a snitch.

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Dropping Loads Episode 168: I’m Just Hangry

In this episode, Paco acts out strangely because she’s hangry. Milky discovers the most amusing cops around. Pouch admits he’s never spoken to a baby.

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Dropping Loads Episode 167: The Bidet Story

In this episode, Ness returns to regale us on his encounter with a Metal God. Pouch watches the LGBT channel, LOGO. Milky knows a lot about bidets.

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Dropping Loads Episode 166: Save Me, YahBoy!

In this episode, SPJ brings us a new grand mystery about having sex on the Great Wall of China. Pouch wants to get SPJ to the Players Ball. Yahboy language takes over.

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Dropping Loads Episode 165: Blood Magic

In this episode, Paco goes through every type of extreme emotion. Milky is certain something bad will happen. The guys remember Carrie Fisher.

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