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Dropping Loads Episode 147: Decapitation Up in This Bitch

In this episode, Milky and Paco talk about being hooked on Netflix shows. Milky talks about an Illegal CIA project called Project MKUltra. Paco brings some movie-related Tacos.

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Dropping Loads Episode 146: Fiddysophical

In this episode, SPJ is renamed SPQ as he has become smitten with a male co-worker. Pouch updates everybody on working with SPJ as well as the We Out Instagram Guy. SPJ reviews Get Rich or Try Dying.

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Dropping Loads Episode 145: Unlimited Food

In this episode, Ness returns and laments the lack of beer in his hand. The guys talk about the benefits of going on a cruise and Pouch seems fixated on one aspect. Milky wants to make sure he gets his money’s worth.

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Dropping Loads Episode 144: Brolo Solo

In this episode, joined by nobody, Pouch hosts the podcast alone once again, in which he gets a little real about behind the scenes podcast drama. Pouch complains about the Internet and tells spooky stories.

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Dropping Loads Episode 143: Selfie Sticks are Evil

In this episode, Paco returns to preach her Punk lifestyle. Pouch is super hype about Harry Potter stuff. Milky names a new Pouch segment under Paco’s segment.

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