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Dropping Loads Episode 142: Queer Eye for the X-Men Guy

In this episode, SPJ returns and slightly teases on the Don Francisco Promise Historia. SPJ reviews the X-Men: Apocalypse joint, in which he explains the villain’s other occupation. Pouch decides to end the Florida Man segment.

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Dropping Loads Episode 141: Lay Nasty Savagery

In this episode, Ness returns and he just likes tits. Pouch won’t let the beef go. Metal Ness reviews Nicolas Cage’s son’s band, Eyes of Noctum.

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Dropping Loads Episode 140: Jesus Died with a Death Erection

In this episode, Paco returns and is overwhelmed by the death erection. Pouch is disappointed that Paco doesn’t want to start beef with SPJ. Milky hates a lot of things.

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Dropping Loads Episode 139: Trouser Snake

In this episode, the boys return after a break to discuss a convention they attended. SPJ returns and he is praising the word of a new rapping sensation.

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