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Dropping Loads Episode 135: You Need to Check Your Privates

In this episode, Random Guy Serge is back by popular demand and he declares he wants to go back to school. Pouch remembers when Milky asked him to check his genitals. The guys try to remember Prince.

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Dropping Loads Episode 134: Why is Corey Feldman Hugging Me?

In this episode, Paco returns to describe her¬†experience¬†at yet another convention. Pouch questions the value of a sober Paco. Milky is labelled “Mr. Charmer.”

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Dropping Loads Episode 133: I’m Parched

In this episode, Ness returns and we talk about his recent appearance on Green Up podcast. Milky believes that there’s only about 5 states in the US. The guys talk to a Swedish person.

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Dropping Loads Episode 132: Armed, Dangerous, Enormous Rectum Featuring Lance Manion

In this episode, author/blogger Lance Manion returns and updates us on his chinchilla lifestyle. Milky attempted to bed a female cop, while Pouch can’t believe what Lance is saying.

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Dropping Loads Episode 131: Please, It’s Too Much

In this episode, Smokira Koryama reviews Pepsi Sakura, while SPJ reviews Batman x Superman: Dong of Justice with tons of SPOILERS. Pouch accidentally brings a Florida Dog article.

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