Dropping Loads

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Dropping Loads Episode 130: Black People Can’t Time Travel

In this episode, the guys welcome back Random Guy Serge. RGS comes back to once again weigh in on raising children and how certain ethnicities can’t travel through time. Milky has something to say about homeschooled people.

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Dropping Loads Episode 129: Whose Titties These Be

In this episode, Ness went to an Iron Maiden concert and returns to tell the story, while we learn about Pouch’s ever-vigilant sphincter.

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Dropping Loads Episode 128: The Ghost of Japan

In this episode, Paco returns from her trip to Uruguay and spins quite a different yarn from Milky’s. Pouch finds Paco’s smile creepy. Milky is unimpressed with everything.

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Dropping Loads Episode 127: Weed Exchange Rate

In this episode, Milky returns from his visit to the homeland only to be questioned about weed by SPJ and Pouch. SPJ reveals that he’s been working on #PretzelMania, while Pouch is more interested in introducing SPJ’s new character.

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