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Dropping Loads Episode 126: Enhance the Experience

In this episode, Pouch welcomes back former Semi-Permanent, Random Guy Serge for a one-time return to the microphone. Pouch reminisces on RGS’s time with DLP and wonders if he would ever use a blow-up sex doll. RGS defends himself against allegations of hating everything.

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Dropping Loads Episode 125: Sneak a Sniff

In this episode, Ness is becoming a Metal God. Pouch confesses that he has a deviated septum, while Ness confesses that he is a compulsive sniffer.

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Dropping Loads Episode 124: Florida Man

In this episode, Pouch is once again hosting the podcast all by his lonesome. He tries and fails to do a commentary for the Florida Man documentary. He despises the documentary crew’s boom mic operator. (Warning: this episode will not serve as a commentary track for the documentary.)

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Dropping Loads Episode 123: Frog Dog

In this episode, Paco returns and reminsces on her hatred of parrots. Milky pitches a new movie that he and SPJ will write. Paco and Pouch believe that Milky will kill somebody in his sleep.

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